Loland is back for the 4th year in a row... What started as an idea to bring people together in a lively atmosphere, soon became more than that... We have the best partypeople, the friendliest atmosphere and a great mix of dance music!
At everyone's request we changed the date back to the end of August.
So we can end the summer together with a BANG!
Lolanders, are you ready?

Our line-up is complete!

Get your tickets fast, there will be no more tickets available at the door if Loland 2017 is completely sold out.

A limited number of party people will be allowed on our festival ground.

Tickets if available will cost 35€ at the door.

Be sure to get a ticket and buy it at 30€/ticket!

Our location for 2017!

Back to our roots !!!

We go back to our "home base" @ the area behind Drinks De Clercq. (Dorp-Oost 133, 9080 Lochristi, België)

Besides our MainStage we will have our "House Of the Bull" again as our Retro Stage to take you back in time.....!

Hope to see you @ Loland Dance Festival 2017!

With from Always Awake